POWER SUPPLY is a division of TAMOIN that operates at international level dismantling, delivering and installing the power plants and equipment you need

If you are in need to buy a power plant or you are willing to sell your used power gensets, please contact us and we will help you achieving your goals

We Design our Services For Your Needs


Tamoin, the industry’s partner in energy transition

Our main Advantages

  • highly qualified for the design, execution and management of projects

  • One single contact, one single responsible

  • One single contract

  • more than 60 years of experience and proven results at national and international level

  • Financial and Technical Risk reduced for the Customer

Tamoin’s EPC area is a tailor-made Solution Supplier for the Customer, currently managing projects in the industrial environment. Tamoin also has the capability to provide power gensets for your cogeneration projects.

Cogeneration is an essential factor in the energy efficiency equation, which has the support of the European Commission and offers crucial environmental advantages as energy saving, it is 30% more efficient than conventional one and a very important element against climate change

Power Supply offers the different Industrial Sectors the capability to improve their energy efficiency